СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

At 22 February, 2017 the Centre for Demographic Research, in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund in Republic of Moldova, launched the demographic Barometer "How to correlate economic and demographic development or what it is demographic dividend?".

            The scientific researcher Tatiana Tabac, Centre for Demographic Research, presented the results of the survey, she stated that the demographic dividend in Republic of Moldova is less valued. Employment rate is very low and constitutes 40%. About 27% of youth, aged 15-29 years are enrolled neither on the labour market, nor in education, this indicator being twice higher than EU average. Emigration flows are still high. Mass migration reduced from the volume and the period of demographic dividend.

            Rita Columbia, a delegate of UNFPA declared:" To harness the demographic dividend, the Government, civil society and development partners of Moldova, together with UNFPA, should prioritize investments in youth, their health, including sexual and reproductive health, education and employment". Also, the harnessing of demographic dividend, should be a priority of the Strategy "Moldova 2020", which is the framework of the implementation of the Association Agreement with EU and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

            Olga Gagauz, vice director of NIER, mentioned that the aim of the barometer is to provide evidence that even if Moldova records the decrease of the population, the age structure of the population currently and the next two decades is favourable and can facilitate economic growth. The number and proportion of working age population in the total population exceeds 55%, thus are needed measures to harness this potential.